Hi everybody!

While this is a bit of a diversion from my usual blogs, I just wanted to point out that there’s a lot of political action in my home state of South Carolina right now.  There’s a lot of talk around the country about people with names, like Hillary, Barack and Mitt, but I’ve got my money on a guy named JOE…see below:





5 Responses to “GO JOE!”

  1. phldave Says:

    Go Joe! I think South Jersey natives are perfect candidates for the presenditial race – I am swayed since I am from South Jersey myself!

    I think there needs to be a chef in office at some point – foreign relations via the Oval Kitchen… what could be better to bring people (and countries) together?

  2. tomlevine1 Says:

    Hi Tyler…Big huge fan…Gained 20 pounds devouring too many hours of Food 911 and Ultimate.

    Anyway, gotta a question for you. Creme Fraiche and Caviar. you’ve got a recipe in “Eat This Book”, where you roast potato fingerlings, and then dip them into Creme Fraiche and Cavaiar. The tators are delicious. But, none of the stores around me carry Creme Fraiche or good Caviar (which is odd, considering I live in Sacramento, Ca, a small village of over 3 million). Anyway, I’ve tried sour cream, but that’s boring, and I really want to try the Creme Fraiche. Further, I’m not a rich man and can’t afford the internet prices for Caviar.

    What might you suggest? There are recipes online for homemade creme fraiche (cream and buttermilk, blended and to sit over night to ferment). I’m curious if this homemade recipe would live up to snuff? Any possible adaptations to the recipe? Any substitutions for us California peasants? What else could go well with the tators? I’ve, of course, made home dips using homemade mayo, sour-cream, parm-cheese, herb de florence, salt and pepper, lemon. buttermilk, onion, garlic, parlsey, delicious!

    Love you Tyler. Thanks for the blog. Hopefully, I’ll get kernels of wisdom out of you! 🙂 That would make my day.

    Sincerely, Tom Levine
    Fair oaks, California

  3. Nevis Says:

    Is it wrong that I don’t start paying attention to politics until the various parties figure out who they’re backing. It’s like…I don’t want to get all my interest wrapped around Hillary just to get dissapointed whey then eventually pick Barack. You know? Besides, I work in television and I’m completely sick of seeing all the news coverage on the topic as well as all the commercials that we run daily. Ugh! Okay, enough of my rant. 🙂 Oh, I just made your recipe for the Ultimate Beef Stew the other day for my fiance who is sick…nothing is better when you’re sick than yummy comfort food. And it was DELCIOUS! And I’m currently reading “Eat This Book” which I got for Christmas and it’s a really awesome book. I love how you organized the sections – very origional!

  4. treesa Says:

    I heard they’re all headed this way (South Florida). I heard you’re headed this way, too (Sobe food/wine fest). Stop by for a cocktail, I couldn’t get tickets.;(


  5. treesa Says:

    P.S. I make a wickedly delicious S’MORES MARTINI!! YUM!

    ~~~Teresa in Ft. Lauderdale

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