Tune In!

Hi everyone…

It’s still raining here in the Bay Area!  If you are caught in the rain, I hope you are staying warm, dry and enjoying a great, homemade soup!

If you have the time, tune in to Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning (Wednesday, January 30) to see me prepare some fun Superbowl-inspired recipes.  Check your local listings or the link below for more information…see you in the morning!




17 Responses to “Tune In!”

  1. theperfectneurotic Says:

    Tyler, I’m sitting here watching your show for the ultimate burger with fries and right in the middle of one thought you stop and shout, “I LOVE BACON!” This is why you’re my favorite chef to watch — you really love food and are way too adorable. I had to rewind that moment 10x and I’m still laughing.

    Thanks for all the great recipes … and the fun!


  2. auntiepasta Says:

    Tyler, I saw you on Regis and Kelly this morning. As always your food looked wonderful. I heard your happy announcement. CONGRATULATIONS! Hope this one is a beautiful little girl for her Daddy to spoil rotten and her 2 big brothers to protect her from the wolves who will come around. She will be a lucky baby that’s for sure. I guess you already know I’m rooting for a girl. But as long as the baby is healthy and Tolan is doing well, that is what really matter’s. Again CONGRATULATIONS!

    Love the family picture…….

  3. georgegabriellecouture Says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I LOVE your cooking shows and your super duper yummy recipes.

    I am a mom of 3 (Rachel 3 yo, Tre 2 yo, and Tyler 2 mo) and I design and sew children clothing in my spare time. I specialize on girls clothing but working on boys clothing.
    Please let me design and sew a garment for your baby boy. I will do it for free, just let me know what kind of style or color you’d like to see your baby boy to wear.

    Please, it would be a HUGE honor for me.

    Please also send my hi to your beautiful wife and family.

    Website: http://www.georgegabriellecouture.com/

    Blog: http://www.georgegabriellecouture.blogspot.com/

    Client’s feedbacks: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=george*gabrielle*couture&ftab=AllFeedback

  4. missle Says:

    Hi Tyler,
    Congratulations!!!! I heard your announcement at the end of Regis and Kelly. Wishing You, Tolan and your family all the best! I am thinking PINK! Let ue know when the baby shower is in Greenville!

  5. jennk35 Says:

    Congratulations Tyler!!! Heard the news on Regis and Kelly. This makes #3, right?

    I am new to your website and was excited to see that we could respond to your blog (I am new to blogging. Is that what you call it??) I am a huge fan and tune into foodnetwork everyday to see you. Tyler’s Ultimate is the bomb. I am hooked on cooking shows and have been since I was a child. I used to watch The Frugal Gourmet/Jeff Smith with my mother every saturday. Crazy huh? Now I find that my children will sit down and watch my cooking shows with me. It’s beautiful how history will repeat itself.

    I’ll keep checking your website for updates! Oh and GO OBAMA!!! 🙂
    God Bless….
    Jenn K

  6. amandajoy29 Says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy! We are making you thai chili chicken wings for the Bowl on Sunday…YUMMY!

  7. missle Says:

    Hi Tyler,
    congratulations! WOW! I heard your announcement on Regis and Kelly. Wishing you, Tolan and the boys all the best for your growing family. I am thinking PINK! Let us know when the baby shower will be!
    Best, Ellie

  8. kahillman Says:

    Tyler – thanks for all the most excellent work you do – love all your shows – especially Food 911 and Ultimates. Watched Food TV today and caught the Pork Chops w/grapes and the beautiful souffles, etc. I can’t wait to try these. I wondered in you would have any idea if the souffle recipe would work well with any other cheese than the blue. I have two family members who aren’t into the ‘dish soap’ flavor (though I heartily disagree). Can you let me know what might work well in its place, please? Since the recipe includes two of my favorites – nutmeg and figs, I wondered if there is a soft, nutty cheese that will not effect the souffle rising properly. Thanks again for all you do, your enthusiasm and jsut pure entertainment!
    Kathy in Phoenix

  9. vision2actionpsalm91 Says:

    My daughter (she is 9) and I watch your shows on Food Network all the time. It’s nice to find your website and learn more about you. It’s great to see you interacting with your “fans” in this way.
    God Bless.

  10. raffeld07 Says:

    New England Clam chowder looks great! But I am rooting for the Giants!

  11. futurekrazycatlady Says:

    i watched! i watched! congrats on the new baby! why was regis being such an ass to you? (more so than his usual self, anyway lol)

  12. kimz23 Says:

    Hey Tyler!

    I saw you on Regis & Kelly- CONGRATULATIONS on the baby!! You looked so excited!

  13. mburt Says:

    Tyler- I am an interior designer & ran across a wallpaper today that reminded me of the fork graphic that you use on your website. You might want to check on this for a cool look in a future business, or I think it would be great in a back entry or powder room off your kitchen. Check with your local decorator ,or see if Tolan can order a wallpaper cutting or folding sample.I just checked & it has been discontinued, but they have a good bit of stock. Here is the info:

    The brand is IMPERIAL
    Book-Raymond Waites/Kitchen & Bath pg. 102 #30971840 color black
    **check the website http://www.ihdg.com
    Another source is 1-866-563-9872

  14. crabbygabbydolls Says:

    Hi Tyler, Missed this shoe..but just wanted to write you a note that a few weeks back On Food tv you had a “french Bistro” episode and I tivo’ed it..printed out the recipes and cooked right along with you 🙂
    The onion SOUP WAS DA BOMB, I have never successfully made french onion, but boy was it great. The only downfall was the onions were so sweet it was like I added suger. Next time I may use 2 white onions and 2 yellow…
    OH MY, and the potatos were so rich and divine I have been meaning to blog the pics…( I love taking pics while cooking…) just have not had a chance..

  15. kahili Says:

    Aloha Tyler!

    Okay, you’ve been to Hilo, so you know it can get “balmy” here. How am I supposed to feel sorry for you when we’ve received 20 inches of rain in 24 hours this week? Flash flooding all week, my friend.

    Other than that, love the blog. Keep sharing! We’re having our weekly Spicy Tuna rolls tonight, using your recipe, of course.


  16. dtdbgrip Says:

    Heh, Rain oh yes..I was born and raised in Vancouver BC, Canada where I work as a GRIP in the Film industry. They say in Vancouver you don’t tan…YOU RUST!
    Anyways I really dig your shows ( Nice Work on IRON CHEF AMERICA). Sweet picture of you and your treasures (ur Family)
    Downtown Dave Brown

  17. missdane07 Says:

    Tyler, sorry to have missed your being on Regis and Kelley. I’m sure it was great. As a big fan of your shows and you as well, I’d love to know if you have any plans of coming to the South…Mississippi Gulf Coast to be more specific. Robert Irvine did a show here last summer that was great. Do you know of any plans to come to the area? I’d love to attend! Oh yeah, bring the fam too, they are beautiful..


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