Extra! Extra!

Make sure to check your local listings for Extra! tomorrow night (Wednesday, 2/27/08) to catch me as I check out the VIP scene at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival!




5 Responses to “Extra! Extra!”

  1. ursula15 Says:


    Your shows are wonderful and your style both entertaining and yummy – I catch you when I can and it is always a treat! Thanks for being you!!

  2. jenalegria Says:

    You did a great job at The South Beach Food and Wine Festival-even with your sunglasses on. The pizza looked fabulous from the second row! This festival was foodie heaven! I missed Extra! Where will you be next? – Jen

  3. missle Says:

    Hi Tyler,
    Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday today! I know your beautiful family has something extra special planned for you. Enjoy and share some pictures if you will.

  4. ultimatefan08 Says:

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Tyler! I hope that you enjoyed your day!

    I saw your spot on Extra! last week. Great job! Thanks for keeping us updated.

    I watch all of your Food Network shows and have all of your cookbooks. I make a lot of your recipes. They are ALWAYS top notch! I plan on making your Ultimate Amaretto Chocolate Brownies this week.

    I recently checked Food Network’s April calendar of shows and noticed that they do not have Food 911 listed in the lineup. It appears as though they are only going to run it through the end of March. Are they not going to continue showing the reruns? That would be so disappointing! If that’s the case, you should offer a DVD collection of those shows. I bet it would be popular and sell really well.

    I enjoy reading your blog each week. Keep up the great work!

    I’m looking forward to your new season of Tyler’s Ultimate.



  5. aweeden Says:

    Hey Mr. Tyler, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Congrats on the new pregnancy. I pray it’s a girl with your warm smile and Tolan’s incredible eyes, hair and fair skin! Time for a little girl to steal her daddy’s heart!
    Good luck you two.

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