Extra! Part Deux

Hi everybody!

I’m going to be back on Extra! tomorrow night, Friday 3/21, and I hope you all can tune in.  Check your local listings and get a peek at the VIP life from the 2008 South Beach Wine and Food Festival.  My friend Lee Schrager puts on the world’s greatest festival and Extra! and I are bringing it to your home to you this week!




5 Responses to “Extra! Part Deux”

  1. kathyn2 Says:

    Here is a link to watch the video online:


  2. luvcereza Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I ordered you book Tyler’s Ultimate and the fried chicken recipe was greaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Keep them coming and I also enjoy your shows on TV. My daugher and I watch them often.

    Thanks Again,

    Food torn area of Pacific, MO

    Sheri Castro

  3. dbheath Says:

    My wife saw you at the Food & Wine Festival in South Beach a few weeks ago – it was a fantastic day. We are making the grilled chicken kabab salad from the Ultimate show for dinner tonight. I noticed that the recipe at FoodTV left out that you used two skewers for each kabob. I thought that was an important step that many may miss if they didn’t see your show. Can’t wait for your new cookbooks – we have 2 of yours now. Every time we make your papppardelle bolognese, people goes crazy it’s so good.


  4. suebella Says:

    Tyler, I enjoy watching your show on the food network so-o-o much.
    I come from a traditional Italian family. My parents had a restaurant when I was a child and I have been helping out in the kitchen since I was 12 years old. I know what a good cook is and enjoy all of your recipes. They are simple, easy to follow and very good. I watched your show about the ultimate chicken recipe and can’t wait to try it. Continue the good work and entertaining me with all of your tips and your interesting menus. Thanks again and I’ll be watching!!

  5. loserirene Says:

    Hey Tyler!

    This is my first time on your site. I have to say that you are probably my favorite chef of all them on Food TV. I find your recipes delicious, but simple and easy enough for every day. Thanks for that!

    I have a question, hope fully you will see this.

    Everytime I make your Ultimate Fried Chicken dish, it comes out fantastic. However, the leftovers lose their crispiness so quickly. I am hoping, since you were raised in the south, do you have any tips on keeping leftover fried chicken crispy?

    Thanks again for such great food.

    -Irene Robertson

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