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Hi everybody-

Wow…what a month. I’ve been in the kitchen with my team for the past month creating and testing some great new recipes for you to enjoy from my new books that will be coming out this Fall…’Tyler’s Ultimate-Kitchen Handbook’ and ‘Tyler’s Ultimate-Dinner@My Place.’  I can’t wait for them to come out!

But, before we get to that, I wanted to give you the first peek at what my kitchen shop is going to look like.  ‘Tyler Florence-Mill Valley’ will open the first week of June at 59 Throckmorton in Mill Valley and we’re working really hard to create the ultimate kitchen retail spot that you’ll be able to visit and stock your kitchens with everything you’ve ever wanted and then some!  Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what you like and what makes our kitchens work for us.  So, this shop is going to be all about giving you what you want and need, all in one spot.  From antique chopping blocks to the shiny stainless appliances, we’re going to have all bases covered.  The old, the new and everything in between.

We’re in the middle of construction right now but I thought you might enjoy a look at the architect’s drawing of the shop as it will look in a couple of months.  What do you think?




15 Responses to “My New Shop”

  1. kathyn2 Says:

    Good luck with the kitchen shop. Looks and sounds exciting. I hope you put it online so people from around the country can shop there!

  2. yilimi Says:

    Hello Tyler! I really like to watch your show! Thanks for inspiring me to bake my first chicken ever=D You’re one of the few ones on tv I really believe when you taste your food in the end and look like it tastes so good. haha. nice shop too, wish there was one in NY though!

  3. jmv833 Says:

    Tyler…, Man I am jazzed you are in the Bay Area with a new kitchen shop and restaurant just about to open. WELCOME to the West Coast. I have trusted and loved your recipes from your cook books (I have all of them) and TV shows over the years. I live in Pacific Heights and fix no less than one of your dishes each week for my partner and myself. DELICIOUS…!!!Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Are you going to announce dates of opening for the store and restaurant on your blog? The Bay Area is in for a treat…, because you have taught us to expect nothing less than the “Ultimate”. jonathan

  4. mseewer Says:

    tyler…i just discovered your blog after watching your “chefogrophy” on the food network. i have to say, your story is pretty amazing. you’ve had a very blessed life, and i guess now i should always think of you as “dr. florence”? that has a ring to it. cheers man!

  5. balanced1 Says:

    Hi Tyler!

    I live in Mill Valley and am looking forward to the opening of your new shop – I think it will be a great addition to our wonderful downtown area.

    I have been a fan of yours for a long time, starting with Food 911. Best of luck with your new venture…hope to meet you sometime!! 🙂 –April

  6. aweeden Says:

    Cool dude. We will come check it out. Are you going to carry any gourmet food items?

  7. sminor1 Says:

    Hi Chef Tyler,

    Congrats to be on “The Shop”. I watch Tyler’s Ultimate almost religiously and each recipe is awesome, I might have started a following for you here in Chi Town. When I’m in the Bay Area, I have to check out your store.

    Best Wishes,

    S Minor

  8. rockcity43 Says:

    sounds awesome…hope to get out there one day. best of luck even though you don’t need it!

  9. cully50 Says:

    New store looks very cool, great old style design. Hoping you will be selling your pots and pans that are used on “Tylers Ultimate”. I havent really been looking hard for them but the big retailers dont seem so have the type of pans that you can use on a stove top and then move directly to the oven, I always have to transfer to a separate pan. Again I could probly do a little more research.
    Great Chicken Parm recipe, my 7 year old said it was “Money”. (LOL) Your shows are a big hit in the Firehouse ( I am a Firefighter/Paramedic here in Lansing, MI) Take Care and good luck with the new shop.

    Paul Cullimore

    Killer tune on your web site by the Raconteurs…have to look on itunes for it…

  10. ilovetylerflorence Says:

    Hi Tyler!!! I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE YOU…and your cooking, your a huge inspiration, and my parents are always excited when I tell them I am making a Tyler recipe for dinner 🙂 Anyways I am so excited for your new books to come out, will you by any chance be doing a book tour? If so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Michigan!!!! 🙂 Much love, Jen

  11. courtneyl Says:

    Hello Tyler,
    The store front looks amazing! I work in Mill Valley and pass by each day looking for progress. I can’t wait!!
    I am the pastry chef and catering director for Piazza D’Angelo Rest. in down town Mill Valley, and yes I will be a regular customer.
    I have also been trying to find away to make contact with you to find out about opportunities for “Local” chefs??
    I look forward to the summer shopping at Tyler’s place!
    I will check in regularly.
    Health and Happiness to you and your family,

  12. jenalegria Says:

    The store sounds great, I just wish it was in NY! Good luck to you. -jen

  13. duck94 Says:

    I’ve peeked in the windows and can’t wait for it to open up! Hope that M.V. allows you to have the demo kitchen. Welcome to Marin. Marin is great places to live if you are well know because people leave you alone and treat you like a “normal” person, just ask some of your famous neighbors.

  14. goatiegoater Says:

    Hello Tyler: Thanks for opening a new store in Mill Valley. Welcome to the neighborhood. Ciao

  15. cookiecorner Says:

    I’m assuming this is Mill Valley California? We travel to the bay area often and will definitely check out this store. Good luck with your new project!


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