Another Sneak Peek!

Hi everyone-

Take a look at this artist’s rendering of the front of my shop!  I can’t wait until we open up and I hope to see you all there!




10 Responses to “Another Sneak Peek!”

  1. jetpass Says:

    Looks awesome. I bet you’re deservedly proud like you’re having another baby.

    I wish you luck and success.

  2. whytek Says:

    WOW! I can’t wait to see the new shop and hope to meet you there to personally thank you for the many ways in which my cooking has improved thanks to you. Fresh thyme and corning my own beef brisket have made me and my family very happy!

    Best of luck with the opening!

  3. jmota06 Says:

    So exciting!!! Can’t wait to see all the goodies in your new shop!!! You don’t need it but good luck with the shop!!!

  4. maddy5 Says:

    FANTASTIC! The new shop looks awesome! It was an honor and a dream come true meeting you last week. My husband and I are hoping to make plans for next year to see your new establishment. Congratulations and Good Luck on the Grand Opening!

  5. kathyn2 Says:

    Tyler, I hope that you will consider putting your new kitchen store online so that everyone can buy from your store from across the country!

  6. courtneyl Says:

    Hello Tyler,
    The store front looks amazing! I can’t wait! I am a long time fan.
    I work in down town Mill Valley so I pass the store front daily keeping a look out for progress.
    I am the pastry chef and catering director at Piazza D’Angelo Rest. down town Mill Valley so I will be a regular customer at the shop when it opens. I am also looking for a way to contact you about any opportunities there may be for any “Local” chefs.
    Anyway I wanted to share my excitement about your local business venture.
    I will say hello again soon.
    Health and Happiness to you and your family

  7. Chef Celebrity Sighting & The Left Side « A Sonoma Garden Says:

    […] Chef Celebrity Sighting & The Left Side Published April 28, 2008 growing challenge , our weekends , state of the garden Tags: bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, cilantro, collard greens, marin farmers market, parsely, radishes, tyler florence Yesterday we made a trip down to Marin to go to the Farmer’s Market, which we try to do at least once a month. (oh and Katrina, even with your notice, we of course arrived without our own bags at Bring Your Own Bag day!) As we were strolling through the middle aisle I realized that Tyler Florence, his wife and young son were walking right towards us! I had heard that he had moved somewhere around here. Anyway, we were trying to play it off very cool, as though, ‘oh yeah, that’s just Tyler Florence shopping at our market, no biggie’. But of course as soon he passed we turned right around like gaping fans and looked as he walked by. Poor guy, just trying to shop with his family and he’s got people like us staring at him. Over the years we’ve watched almost all of his shows but Tyler’s Ultimate is my favorite. My mouth is always watering at the end of the show at whatever he’s just created and I always think, I have to download that recipe. He’s a great food stylist and his lighting guru is a master. And it was nice to see him just walking around with his family taking in a lovely Sunday at the market. His son looked just a bit younger than our youngest and I smiled as I passed him later struggling to keep his son from wiggling out of his stroller….a situation I deal with daily. It made him seem like a real and genuine person. From the look of his website it looks like he’s going to open a place in Mill Valley. […]

  8. charlynnsc Says:

    I am SO excited for you Tyler and I wish only the best for you and all that lies ahead! You deserve it =)

  9. tturner1 Says:


    Forgive my slow reaction to your wonderful news – I only just logged onto your website to learn of your move west and pending birth of your new project! I couldn’t be more thrilled as I am NorCal native and will certainly be one of your stalkers, oops I meant shoppers, once you open in M.V..

    I bid you and your family the best and much succes in your new venture. You put smiles on many faces and in many tummies – thank you!! -t2

  10. phldave Says:

    i was out in san fran last week and was hoping to check it out while under construction, but didn’t get to mill valley. 😦

    just means another trip out west after it opens!

    wish you the best with it..

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