Hi everyone-

Take a look at this article…I think you’ll enjoy it.




5 Responses to “Article”

  1. foodie1 Says:

    I’m from Chicago and now live in Mill Valley…this is so very true. What’s really difficult is going back to the midwest and trying to find Mill Valley food!!! Speaking of Mill Valley, when is the store scheduled to open??

  2. maddy5 Says:

    Hi Tyler! Great Article in the Christian Monitor! Congrats, Madeline from Chicago

  3. cookiecorner Says:

    Interesting article. I grew up in the Midwest and can relate to the mounds of food (w/messiness that is creates) on the plate. However I prefer the plating of lesser amounts of food like in California. Too many restaurants just serve too much food. I know I’ve been ordering mostly from the appetizer or kids menu lately more than the regular entree portions. Thanks for sharing that article!

    Penni from Texas

  4. aweeden Says:

    Hi Tyler
    Nice mention in the article. When is the store and restaurant going to open? Hope all is great with you and the family. Did you guys peek to see if your having a boy or girl? Good luck and best wishes to Tolan.

  5. phldave Says:

    Hey T!

    Fantastic article.. Again, was just out to the west coast and didn’t know you were opening in Mill Valley – I would have taken a pictures even while under construction!

    Warm wishes,
    Dave “DJ” Mc….
    Wilmington, DE | Philadelphia, PA

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