Open For Business

Hi everyone-

I am very proud to announce that Tyler Florence-Mill Valley, my first kitchen retail shop, is open for business.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it and I couldn’t be more proud of how the shop has come out.

As a chef, I’ve been all over the world looking for the best culinary products, old and new, that I can get my hands on.  My new shop will give you a first hand look at all of the great stuff I’ve come across, from French copper cookware to antique chopping blocks, and I hope you’ll stop by to see us!

We are located at 59 Throckmorton in Mill Valley, CA, and can be reached at 415-380-9200.




17 Responses to “Open For Business”

  1. phldave Says:

    Congrats man! The next time I am out on the left coast, I will be sure to check it out!!!


  2. alheckert Says:

    Congratulations! I own all your cookbooks and have been following your career for years! It sounds like you are at a happy place and I wish you all the success in the world! Plan on taking a trip out from Connecticut to California to visit family hopefully we will fit in a visit to your store!

  3. knorks Says:

    You should carry Knorks in your store…it’s perfect your logo is two forks but they should be Knorks – much better versions of the fork!!!

  4. yesi9 Says:

    Congratulations on your shop! I know you have exquisite taste and I am sure that it will be a fabulous success. I absolutely love your recipes.

  5. maddy5 Says:

    Congratulations Tyler! With your talent, I’m sure the store will be a HUGE success. Will the products be available on-line as well?

    Best Wishes, Madeline from Chicago

  6. kathyn2 Says:

    Congratulations Tyler. Wish I could stop in. I love kitchen shops but its a long trip up there. Do you have any plans to get your store ‘online’? Good luck with it! Kathy

  7. angewilkinson Says:

    Very exciting news!!! Your at the top of your game!
    We need a Tyler Florence – Denver location.
    Thank you for stopping by for the book signing at the Southlands. All the best, Angela

  8. yesi9 Says:

    Congratulations on your shop! I know you have exquisite taste and I am sure that it will be a sweet success! Wishing you the best.

  9. rakelmagan1 Says:

    Hi Tyler, congratulations! I’m a huge fan and am excited about your store opening. Although I live in Orange County, CA, I may have to take a quick trip up north to visit your shop. Keep up the good work. I never miss your show, Tyler’s Ultimate.

    Rachel M.

  10. pawsinsd Says:

    Congratulations – I’ll send my Mom and sisters there from Sonoma County asap. I’ll look at your stuff and add to my blog as needed. Writing “A Cook’s Tools” now but just did a poem that you’re in. Check out
    Best of luck, Dee

  11. cookiecorner Says:

    Congrats! I’ll be in the Bay Area next month! I’m adding your place to my priority list!


  12. thebestpug Says:

    Had to just leave a quick note. I didn’t want to bug you and your beautiful family at the ice cream store tonight, but, I was the woman with the daughter who your little son grabbed on to to hold steady while he was walking. I just had to say what a HUGE fan I am – and am even happier to see what a lovely family you have. Continued success – and we’ll be sure to stop by the new store. Cheers –

  13. blkinor Says:

    Love the library in your store….very nice. This makes it the best cookbook section ever. Thank you. Couldn’t find the Breakaway cookbook in the local section though…too bad.

  14. aweeden Says:

    Hi Tyler
    We enjoyed meeting you at your shop yesterday! Thanks for the picture, but mostly for the words of wisdom for my daughter Chelsea who started at the CCI Le Cordon Bleu today in S.F. I have met many celebrities and have walked away less than impressed with them. Two however are exactly whom they represent themselves to be. Joe Montana and YOU! Yes, that’s right we have offically put you up there with Joe Montana as one of our favorite people we have met! That’s huge. We wish you even greater success in all your endeavors and will be regular patrons to your store. I love the Baroque line of dishes.
    You rock, Amy
    ps Your wife is beautiful and your boys are funny. They renamed my dog Gene because his tongue is always sticking out of his mouth.

  15. sshuda Says:

    We stopped by “The Shop” yesterday after doing a hike at Muir Woods. We were very impressed with the store layout especially the book section in the back. So comfy and inviting. My little ones pretended to be having a serious face to face conversation on the chairs by the wood burning stove. I got to see your new line of dinnerware by Mikasa and especially liked the Baroque line. Will you be opening up another shop in the East Bay?? We would love to have you out here. If not, then it gives us a reason to visit Mill Valley. Best of luck!!! You are the best!! Sandy

  16. diana210 Says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Congrats on your new store Tyler Florence-Mill Valley. By any chance, will you have an internet site so people can order? I live out here in Northern Alabama and California is a long way to trek out there. lol
    We do a lot of shopping on the internet and it would be convenient. Also, would you be selling any of your wares on HSN? It’s our favorite place to shop.
    Take care and God Bless.

  17. Boo! | Joanna’s World Says:

    […] husband in the world. I’ve got lots of plans for after the wedding, too, including a trip to Tyler Florence’s store in Mill Valley and a visit to the Charles Schulz museum in Santa […]

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