Fall is right around the corner…

Hi everyone-

As we get ready for new-baby-time, Tolan and I sat down to take a look at the calendar for the coming months and I’ve got to tell you, we’re going to be having a good time and seeing a bunch of you out on the road.  The Florence gang will be coming to a city near you as we launch the book tour for my two new books, ‘Stirring the Pot’ and ‘Dinner at My Place,’ hitting NYC for some great new episodes of ‘Tyler’s Ultimate’ and as the holidays approach, I just realized that its almost that time of year again when we get to head back to my favorite spot, Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.

The second annual ‘Lowcountry Celebration’ has really taken shape and is going to be even bigger and better than last year.  Palmetto Bluff is about as beautiful as it gets that time of year and I’m really proud of the line up of chefs, wineries, musicians and local purveyors that we’ve put together to show off all that my beloved Lowcountry has to offer.  Here’s a few snapshots from last year’s event and I hope you’ll go to www.musictoyourmouth2008.com to reserve your spot for this year’s party.

Stay tuned for some dates and times to come out and say hi while we are on the road and by all means, enjoy your summer while its still here!




5 Responses to “Fall is right around the corner…”

  1. ahulette Says:


    Congrats on the baby girl! I have two daughters and they are a blast! Are you planning a store website or catalog? If so, I would love to obtain information on all your cool products. By the way, I love your show “Tyler’s Ultimate”. I always learn something from you.


  2. aweeden Says:

    Hi Tyler
    I just want to compliment you and Tolan on your Shop. I have been in three times now, and each of those visits have been quite enjoyable and I leave with my favorite Vietri mugs/Baroque dishes.
    I appreciate your prices and quite frankly I expected to find the celebrity/ Mill Valley mark up on your items and that is just not the case. I also want to commend you both on your staff choices. They are friendly and helpful clerks and really are a big part of the reason we keep coming back.(Miles and Kyle included)
    Warm thoughts and well wishes to you both. Tolan don’t forget the four most important sounds for your doctor: ep-i-dur-al!

  3. cherrycrystalblossoms Says:

    hey tyler.
    my name is poonam mathur.i am 26 yrs old.i am from India, Mumbai. i have seen ur shows on travel and living channel. i really love your shows.. they are very informative. besides that you are an excellent host apart from being a celebrity chef. i found ur show on Mexico very nice and without even being there i felt as if i have had an amazing culinary tour of Mexico..
    looking forward to watchin more of ur programmes..

  4. cookiecorner Says:

    We got the pleasure of visiting your shop last Friday. Wow! I could spend hours there!!! The library in the back is just awesome!

    One of your employees gave me a suggestion for lunch that day. She recommended we go to Toast for lunch and to be sure to order the lemonade. Wow—YUM! I had the Chicken and Fig Salad WITH the lemonade! Without a doubt it was the BEST salad I’ve ever had. Great suggestion!

    It was also fun to see the “It’s a Girl” sign out front that special day.

    I do have a suggestion….I wanted to purchase a signed copy of your cookbook but didn’t see any of them autographed. Would be a nice touch when you’re not in the store to sign them. 🙂

    I wish you much success with your store! We were pleasantly surprised to find Mill Valley! I had no idea it was tucked away like it was. Reminded me a lot of Carmel without the ocean.


  5. aweeden Says:

    Hows Tolan and new baby girl?

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