It’s a girl!

Hi everyone-

I am so proud to share with you all a picture of our beautiful baby girl…Dorothy Tyler Florence. She was born on 8/8/08 at 8:08am at 9 pounds even.

Mom, baby and Dad are all doing great and we are excited to spend some time at home with Hayden as he gets to know his little sis. Oh, and Jake is excited to meet his new sister as well.




13 Responses to “It’s a girl!”

  1. aweeden Says:

    Oh my goodness, she’s beautiful! She looks like your pretty wifeTolan. What a great birthday. You know she’s destined for great things in life.
    God bless you Tolan, 9 pounds! That is most impressive.
    Congratulations. Good things happen to great people.
    She is sooo cute!

  2. ahulette Says:

    Tyler and Tolan,

    She is so beautiful! Congratulations to you and both your families. Dorothy is a blessed little gift from God. Enjoy her.. they grow up fast!

    All the best,

  3. maesouth Says:

    Congratulations to all! Especially you, Tolan! Wow! She shares her birthday with my nephew who was born on 08/08/80 and Princess Beatrice who was born on 08/08/88! Pretty incredible, huh? I really want to see you when you come back to Bluffton. Need a babysitter?

    Hope you’re getting some sleep! Blessings to all…

    Mary Anne…Maggie’s Mom

  4. yesi9 Says:

    Congratulations to the proud parents of baby Dorothy! She is so beautiful! May God bless you and your family. Wishing you the best!
    PS: Miles and Hayden please be kind to baby Dorothy and enjoy her 🙂

  5. mysticat2007 Says:

    What a sweet kissable little face! You’re really going to enjoy her! Baby girls are the best. I’ve got two (6 and 3) and a baby boy. Congratulations and have fun!

  6. evenblend Says:

    Easy birthday to remember! She is so beautiful… Congrats to you and your wife.

  7. sshuda Says:

    Congratulations Tyler, Tolan, Miles and Hayden!!! What a beautiful baby!! Girls are so sweet and now mama has her baby girl. Yeah!! Get some sleep and can’t wait to hear more about your newest addition and see some more photos!

  8. missle Says:

    Hi Tyler and Family! Congrats on your beautiful Baby Girl! I could not be more excited that she arrived on my birthday! I will always remember you all on my special day and always…
    Wishing you all the


  9. maddy5 Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Dorothy is SO beautiful! I would love to squeeze those cheeks! Enjoy your baby girl, they are an entirely different experience than raising boys. Get ready for the clothes, nail polish, shoes, purses and dolls. Mine is only 3 and it’s already started! Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Your Oprah Partner,
    Madeline, Chicago

  10. daviewtg111 Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful….She definately resembles you Tyler, such a precious little girl!

  11. phldave Says:

    Congrats dude. She is beautiful!


  12. pinkcupcake22 Says:

    Hi Tyler! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl – she looks so much like you! She has those adorable chubby cheeks just like my little girl has! I wish you and your family the best; God bless!!

  13. phldave Says:

    Oh, and the date and time?

    Born on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008 at 8:08am?

    Amazing! Congrats again!!!

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