Palmetto Bluff

Hi everyone-

I’m still out here in NYC shooting some fantastic new episodes of ‘Tyler’s Ultimate’ and getting ready to head out on a new book tour for ‘Stirring the Pot’ and ‘Dinner at My Place.’  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out to make sure you get your tickets for this year’s Lowcountry Celebration at Palmetto Bluff.  Events are selling out fast and there are just a few spots available.

I hope to see you all out on the road!




13 Responses to “Palmetto Bluff”

  1. missle Says:

    Hi TYler, I could not be more excited about the new episodes of Ultimate and the new books AND the possiblity of meeting you on your book tour. I hope you make it to upstate SC again. Please, please, please keep us informed of the dates! Wouldn’t miss it! Wishing you all the

  2. aweeden Says:

    Are both of the new books cookbooks? When are they going to be released?

  3. ka934 Says:

    Hello Tyler, I cant wait for the new episodes of Ultimate and the new books. I am a Culinary Student and I have been trying for the last couple days to leave a resume by email through your website for a Spring Internship. Looking forward to the future

  4. missle Says:

    Hi, I am so excited about the 2 books. According to the books are due out on October 21. Tyler, is that Hayden on the front of “Dinner at My place?” Love the covers of the books. You look so sophisticated on “Stirring the Pot”
    Hope to see you soon,

  5. phldave Says:

    Dude – I am completely stoked about your new books! I hate to say this, but I actually take your books on the plane with me when I travel for work; they are great reads. I am looking forward to their release and hope your able to make it out to the Philly area. Morimoto’s is calling!

  6. alheckert Says:

    I have a close friend who pre-ordered your cook books for me a while ago. I can not wait to test out some of the recipes and add them to my cookbook collection. I was just looking through your website and the children are getting so big. Little Dorothy is so beautiful too such a great looking family! Looking forward to a future book signing and all the great new shows
    Take Care,

  7. sshuda Says:

    Hey Tyler,
    Can’t wait for the new episodes of Tyler’s Ultimate to air. Also, can’t wait for your 2 new books to be released. Please add the East Bay to your book tour list. Would love to finally meet you. Enjoy the rest of your stay in NY.


  8. akpowell Says:

    I am a chef and caterer, and what do I do after a long day of cooking? I sit on my ass and watch episodes of Tylers Ultimate that I have on Tivo. Just the sort of mindless entertainment I am looking for at this point! Now I have discovered this Blog and am excited to hear about new episodes coming out! My favorite thing about this show? How about that Tyler gets sooooo excited whenever the bacon comes out of the fridge! That really does make my day. if only I can find the energy to make any of his recipes, or have someone make them for ME, life would be grand.

  9. gracepiper Says:

    Hey Tyler,
    I’ll be at the Ocean Spray Cranberry event tomorrow. The PR folks found me through my videos and food blog.
    See you in the cranberry bog. 🙂

    BTW I really like the music playing on this site.


  10. cicere2008 Says:


    I cannot wait for your new cookbooks!!!! My familly really enjoys your recipes. I am going to San Francisco at the end of Oct. My first trip. I am planning on going to your kitchen store. Very exciting!!!!!! Will you have a book signing there? That would be great. Take care, Lisa

  11. debrajean Says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I just want to say I think you are one of the most down to earth, in you hart and sole true chef that I have seen. I love love love Tylers Ultimate..Awsome show.
    I love learning from you from TV.
    My husband is Jewish and I am going to make him and my 2 step children your Brisket tomorrow. I can’t wait, and from the reviews I have read it should be perfect !! So, I am very excited to make this meal and tate it !!

    I will let you know how it comes out !!

    Thanks !


  12. ashleybrooks1 Says:

    I am so excited to get the new books. I have already pre-ordered mine. I think I am your biggest fan. My husband thinks I’m silly but I love your style of cooking. You have transformed me into a true chief and my family loves to come to my house for meals. I hope you come to Dallas, Tx for a book signing. I don’t know if you are going to do any cooking shows in the area but would love to see it. Congrats on the baby girl. She soon will be daddy’s little girl. You are my favorite chef!!!!!


  13. ocb63 Says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I met you at Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Thanks for a great photo, come visit again.

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