Rock the Vote

Hi everyone-

Its been a whirlwind week…a new city every day or so.  SF, LA, NOLA, NY, CHI…its been great to see so many of you and to hear all of your responses to ‘Stirring the Pot’ and ‘Dinner at My Place.’

I’m on my way home today to spend Halloween with the family.  It’s Dorothy’s first and Hayden is an old pro having aced last year’s costume contest.  I can’t wait to see if he really gets it this time.

Speaking of Hayden, he wanted to remind you all to get out there and vote on the 4th. It’s our duty to do so and no matter where you sit in the political spectrum, just make sure you get out there and do your part.




6 Responses to “Rock the Vote”

  1. jenwoods Says:

    Awesomest kid shirt ever!

  2. imercola Says:

    Hi Tyler! I’ve just discovered your blog! How great!!! Your kids are really cute!!! Hope to read more of you!!! Are you coming in Texas soon for your book tour? Hope so!!! Ciao by Imma

  3. phldave Says:

    Sorry you won’t be hitting up philadelphia for the book tour, but I was able to get your books and start checking them out. I have a pretty big christmas party every year and I am going to need to give you some nods once the menu is ready to go. Everyone brings their favorite beverage and we supply the (really good) food.

    I can’t wait for Tuesday! 🙂


  4. dragonfly2727 Says:

    Well Hayden, great minds think alike!!!! With Tyler as your Dad and Obama as our new president, you’re gonna be a “rock start”!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing more of Tyler in Napa now that you are a local!!!


  5. dragonfly2727 Says:

    I meant Rock Star!!!!!! You are such a cutie!!!!!

  6. phldave Says:

    Decent Tyler interview/article below.

    Did you say clothing? Move aside Tommy, there may be a Tyler in town!

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