Hi everyone-

I’m just at the airport waiting to head home to San Francisco after a couple of amazing events in Atlanta with Macy’s and Project Open Hands. It was great to see so many of you at the demo and book signing yesterday. And this morning, it was truly inspiring to work with Macy’s and Project Open Hands as part of Macy’s Million Meal Program. Helping others, especially in these trying economic times, is as rewarding as it gets. And as we head into the Holidays, I hope you’ll all have a chance to share whatever you can with those who are less fortunate. If you want more information on the program and ideas on how you can participate, check out

And if you didn’t get a chance to come by and say hi on the last month of my book tour, ‘Dinner At My Place’ and ‘Stirring the Pot’ are on sale now at The Tyler Florence Shop. They are full of great recipes, tricks and tips that will help you through the Holiday Season. To order your autographed copies, please contact The Tyler Florence Shop at 415.380.9200 or by email Each book is $19.95 plus applicable tax and shipping.

So, I’m going to spend a couple days at home and then its off to South Carolina for the Lowcountry Celebration at Palmetto Bluff. Hope to see you all soon.





5 Responses to “Atlanta”

  1. phldave Says:

    That rocks man. The gift of giving is tremendous, any time of the year. For everyone that has the talent to cook a decent meal, we have the ability to give some of the greatest gifts of all. I am looking forward to continuing to give back this holiday season w/ some food-related initiatives that I get excited about every year.

    Have fun at P.B. – I am sure it will be a blast. I am still dying to get out to some of these great events, but life calls.

    Happy T-Day to you and the family!

  2. aweeden Says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I went by the shop yesterday to do some christmas shopping with my culinary student Chelsea. She flipped over the Shun knife sale and convinced me that they were an absolute necessity for any chef. Long story short came back after dropping her off at school in SF to get them for her. Called the store to make sure they were still open and when I got there Tamara (?) had them ready for us. I am a slow shopper, read every label and ask many questions. They are patient and helpful.

    Most importantly, you have got to post a picture of your window display for those who live far away. Dude, I laughed! It is adorable and clever. Share it with your fan base.

    Merry Christmas Tyler Florence.

  3. missle Says:

    Hi Tyler.
    I am SUPER EXCITED to have received my autographed cookbooks from you this week. The stories and pictures really convey who you are and what you mean to your fans. The recipes look amazing too. Thanks for doing this for us. Wishing you and all of yours a wonderful holiday season!
    Yes, Amy, I agree, the staff at the Tyler Florence Shop were so pleasant and helpful, especially Barbara, even for a customer on the East Coast!


  4. missle Says:

    Just caught the Dear Food Network special. It may have been a repeat, but it ws awesome none the least. The Shop looks amazing. So did the food! I hope I get to visit one day. Thanks for all of the inspiration


  5. phldave Says:

    Hey dude – Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

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