Capitol Hill

Hi everyone-

Well, I just got home from a quick trip to Washington DC, where I took part in a series of meetings on Capitol Hill as a board member for the Afterschool Alliance, an amazing group that advocates the importance of afterschool programs for kids across the nation.  It was an amazing experience to be able to speak one-on-one  with politicians and community leaders alike, such as San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom and fellow South Carolinan, former Secretary of Education, Richard Riley.  I encourage you to take a look at for more information.

But this trip wasn’t all business…there was food too!  We had a memorable lunch at an old Washington Institution, the Old Ebbit Grill.  And while the scallops were great, it was the fact that our meal was presided over by about 20 taxidermied animal heads, including a walrus and warthog, that were shot by President Teddy Roosevelt.  No, they weren’t on the menu!

The evenings were reserved for one man, Chef Michel Richard, who treated us to two amazing meals, at his new hot spot, Central and at his flagship, Citronelle.  He is a true legend and we had an amazing time catching up over great wine and his masterfully whimsical creations.  Here’s a shot of his kitchen from my seat.  Right in the action.

I can’t wait to get back to DC and that just might happen sooner rather than later.  After a tour of the West Wing with one of the President’s assistants, I snapped this picture of the President’s residence…do you think this is President Bush’s pick up truck?




3 Responses to “Capitol Hill”

  1. amandajoy29 Says:

    Seriously I think it is his truck… I don’t see him driving anything else. Lol.

  2. mysticat2007 Says:

    Well, he IS from Texas, you know. I’d love to visit DC sometime. Especially the Smithsonian!

  3. michaeljohnson76 Says:

    Wow Tyler that sounds like a blast…no not just the food…speaking to the Leaders of our nation. I would have to say I would of loved the food as well but to see people take action inpart for the people and moreso for the kids of America is awesome…thanks for all your efforts in the kitchen and on the hill!!

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